“I got an agent!” (not me)


“Yay! I got an agent!” I overheard an author say on the twitter.


“Really?” I asked myself, yes, pessimistically.


Let’s see, said agent has a blog. Her ‘agency’ is overseas. Her ‘agency’ has been in business for less than a year. She SAYS that she has three Masters degrees. She SAYS that she previously worked for two powerhouse agencies. She SAYS that she has three, make that four now, clients, (who have yet to publish).


So, said agent, having finally climbed her way up the ladder, having reached her pinnacle with those degrees, (she appears to be in her early thirties), WALKS AWAY.


“Why let the AGENCY take all the credit while I do all the work? Why give them the fat commission when I only make three figures. Humph, AGENCIES established long before I was born, with lists of authors and published projects, established relationships with publishers, what do they know? I CAN DO IT MYSELF!”


So, either said agent is a supremely overconfident idiot for leaving a cushy job in publishing or said agent was a poor performer and dismissed from her job.


Either way, do you want to put your book ‘baby’ in her hands? According to her philosophy, you can cut out the middleman and DO IT YOURSELF.


I’m not against having an agent, an established agent can skyrocket your writing career, just watch out for posers, as I’ve seen this time and time again . . . BE CAREFUL, DO YOUR RESEARCH


Keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground – Theodore Roosevelt


Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars – Casey Kasem


Keep your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground – Me

About scavola

author of the gay 'Duke' and GLBT 'ATL Engineering' series
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