I’m Scavola, as you know me now, a lion. Well, not ‘on all fours’ as we say, but ‘standing tall on my hind legs’. My human form, I don’t use much, as lions are proud and majestic creatures and humans, once you reach a certain age, just get old and fat. I’ve written a few books so far that are available on amazon.com, the ‘Duke’ series as I call it, Duke – Book 1: Alpha Rising, Book 2: Genevieve’s Tale, and Book 3: Transformations, that’s where I come in to the series.

Getting to know them, I was so impressed by their story that I had to write it down. It follows them from the time Duke had to tell Mike his secret, that he could ‘change’ into a black German Shepherd, to their experience with Genevieve, a hundred-year old tortoise, to their joining the Israeli military as part of their compulsory service, where I met them. We stay in touch, so hopefully there’ll be more adventures to come.

I did write a non-fur series, ATL Engineering – Season 1: Murder and Espionage and Season 2: A Beautiful Waste of Flesh, which are also available on amazon.com, and I have other projects I’m working on, but the ‘Duke’ series, like Duke and Mike themselves, are near and dear to my heart.

what do YOU think?

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