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online presence / ‘marketing’ results

I was wondering if my online presence had anything to do with sales increasing / decreasing, so I correlated the two. SALES is easy, as that’s a given. For blogger / wordpress, I counted the posts I made each month … Continue reading

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I’d always liked to write, in school, my fiction essays got ‘A’s. I still have quite a few of them, from ‘My Volcano Island Journal’ to a three-page rhyme about Lancelot. I wrote something longer, either an Indiana Jones or … Continue reading

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the ugly truth about self-publishing . . .

It’s been a year since I self-published, and I’m going to do what I haven’t seen another self-published author do, give my results! The first question that comes to mind is, why did the Duke series sell and not the … Continue reading

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I know you can comment on posts, but wanted a place where you could just stop by and say hi. Let me know what you think, what’s going’ on, or how you doin’.  

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reverse-engineering the supply chain

In marketing, it’s suggested to think about your purchases and how you came about making them, so I looked at the last ten books I bought: Boundaries by Drs. Cloud and Townsend, recommended by a friend The True Story of … Continue reading

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I know, it’s a bonehead thing to do, a rookie mistake, but I’m fixing it. Until now, the books had straight quotes, left-edge justification, author and title on each page, and page numbers on the upper-right of each page, (as … Continue reading

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