what is M/M anyway?

Ain’t seen nobody else doin’ this so I’m doin’ it!

The definitive DEFINITION of . . . M/M

  1. M/M has its roots in fan fiction featuring two STRAIGHT men. “Slash fiction . . . is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on the depiction of interpersonal attraction and/or sexual relationships between fictional characters of the same sex . . .not engaged in such relationships in their respective fictional universes.” (Wikipedia)
  2. M/M typically features a strong, butch, straight / ‘questioning his sexuality’ ‘ALPHA’ and a smaller, feminine, cute little gay ‘beta’ that has to be saved/rescued, which is more of a classical (outdated) heterosexual dynamic.
  3. M/M typically has the characters together by a circumstance (housemates, matchmaking, rescue, etc.), which leads to a one night stand that grows to be more.
  4. M/M typically has intense action/conflict with a HEA, ‘happily ever after’, ending.
  5. M/M is easily and often derived into M/M/F, where one or both have or share a sexual relationship with a woman.
  6. M/M book covers typically feature stock photos of hunky men with their shirts open or off like women’s romance books do.
  7. M/M ‘books’ are typically novellas or short stories only available electronically.
  8. M/M is not about acceptance/support of the LGBT community, as lesbian and trans fiction isn’t nearly, if at all, as popular.
  9. The term M/M is too sanitizing, a more ‘socially acceptable’ way of saying gay or homosexual.

Let’s just say it, women like to read about two guys going at it like men like to watch to girls go at it, as long as they can maintain the fantasy of joining them.

That’s what M/M is. And that’s why it’s not for me!

About scavola

author of the gay 'Duke' and GLBT 'ATL Engineering' series
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