DON’T! (writing don’ts)

I’m by no means an expert, I’m not at that point where I’m so established that I support myself on royalties, (yet). I don’t have the secret of success, but I do see things that, if they irk me, they’ll most likely irk others. So, to develop a ‘what to do’ list, I’m first making a ‘what not to do list’.

Feel free to make suggestions or comments; I’ll be updating this list as I find more don’ts.

For books:

  • don’t write a book about yourself! we’ve all got our own shit, why would we want to read about yours?
  • don’t write books about writing unless you’re an established writer, (or someone established in the business) – too may posers out there.
  • don’t e-publish short stories – put them into a collection, and don’t publish short story collections unless you have readers who want to read them
  • don’t serialize e-publish, ain’t no book needs to be cut-up like that – guilty!

For blurbs:

  • don’t bury a blurb with reviews, before I hear how good it is I want to know what it’s about
  • don’t speak directly to the reader in your blurb, telling them about your book, that’s just tacky, and don’t reference yourself in the third person for a book you wrote about yourself
  • don’t reference accolades from competitions, blogs, or other authors nobody’s heard of, (or that you made up) or label yourself as a bestselling author, what does that mean anyway? now, New York Times bestselling author might mean something
  • don’t break each sentence into a power statement or taglines, in uppercase or bold, with an extra line between each of them to make it seem more important
  • don’t cite books yours is like or a combination of
  • don’t state that $1 of each sale goes to charity, that’s just pandering
  • don’t tell me what I should think of the book, “you’ll find it captivating, mezmerizing, and stimulating!” or by using adjectives like ‘brilliant’ or ‘thrilling’
  • don’t give a full summary or large excerpt, it’s just a blurb

With promotion:

  • don’t create a book site or have a contest where the sole purpose is to promote your books or yourself
  • feed off others’ blogs or tweets to attract attention to yourself, make your own! (i.e. “look at my daily news page on writing, with no original content of my own”)
  • don’t give yourself professional accolades having only one self-published book
  • don’t ‘fish’ on blogs, twitter, or author sites, i.e. follow someone just to attract attention to yourself
  • don’t spend more time in the busi-ness of promotion than you do writing, instead, write more

For reviews:

  • don’t put others down, instead, help others up (and in general)
  • don’t get defensive, accept constructive criticism; my motto is, “what doesn’t kill the book will only make it stronger”
  • don’t get retaliatory, thank anyone who takes the time to read and comment
  • don’t be a party to mutual masturbation, i.e., “I’ll give your book 5 stars if you give 5 stars to mine”
  • don’t give a review if you haven’t read all of the book, at least not without saying so
  • don’t read as a writer; read as a reader or, only if asked to, an editor

About scavola

author of the gay 'Duke' and GLBT 'ATL Engineering' series
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