Duke – comments

Nice comments on the Duke series from FurAffinity members:

CovaTrance: “I really like the mood of your stories . . . It’s written so well.”
Marco_Wolf: “I love everything about it, it’s so unique . . . Very well written.”
politeboy110001: “The second book was really good. I just finished reading it. I thought it was very enjoyable and entertaining. It was also very romantic and humorous. I hope you make another one as when I got to the end it destroyed me, lol.”
mad21: “You got a great story on your hands (paws) man I just hope that everyone else will discover this.”
Phoenix-Stag: “Well I love the plot, it feels very original. The best thing I think you’ve done here is how much character development you have done without having to go into long back stories. Each character stands out and the reader can really feel a connection. Also you fit your sex scenes in perfect, some people might like them longer, but they are exciting without distracting from the main story or making the reader quit until he is ready for more fun . . . I look forward to reading the rest and seeing what the future has in store for Duke.”
tygrr22: “So far I’m very drawn to the characters and the lovable nature of each. I’m constantly wondering, as the story further unfolds, what has happened in the past and what will come up in the future. *Chuckles* Certainly a good read, that’s for sure . . . Fantastic creation, very touching and wonderful to follow . . . Such strong character development for all. I certainly have a liking for Dustin, as well as all the other characters really, though Duke and Mike certainly hold a special fondness of their own as well. Oh heck, all of them do really.”

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author of the gay 'Duke' and GLBT 'ATL Engineering' series
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