ATL Engineering – Season 2: A Beautiful Waste of Flesh – print $13.95, kindle COMING SOON – print $13.95 (use code YGQL6P4D for $2.00 off)

A 66,000-word novel condensed in print to 266 pages.

MA: for mature readers (note: back cover has nudity, a ‘rear view’)

Stephen Cooper moved to Atlanta to distance himself from tragedy; adjusting to an unexpected promotion, he gets embroiled in the murder of his predecessor and corporate espionage, complicated by his romantic liaisons.

To fill the vacancies of the first season, the cast is joined by:

Bill Harris, a handsome, likable guy on the outside, but radiating coolness on the inside, the two cancel each other out.

Rachel Willowicz, ridiculously stylish, her insecurities come to bear when she falls for the wrong guy.

Dawn,  a life-size version of a doll, from her big beautiful blue eyes, button nose, and pursed lips, all the way down to her shoes, pink patent leather sandals.

In the form of a primetime television soap opera, each chapter is an episode, the book, a season.

Mystery, intrigue, comedy, romance, and sex, with a cast of hot characters, straight, bisexual, and gay, and plots and subplots, all intertwine.

This season, four will die . . . a beautiful waste of flesh.

character art by vallhund,

About scavola

author of the gay 'Duke' and GLBT 'ATL Engineering' series
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